Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog

Narrative building, relationship building, experience demonstrating...if used correctly and consistently, a blog can be a very powerful tool for connecting with your customers. I recently read an article on Digital Brand Marketing’s blog entitled, “Do You Need a Blog? The Personal Branding Perspective,” and they explain perfectly about how powerful a blog can be, “Have you seen Amy Adams and Meryl Streep in the movie Julie & Julia?  The film demonstrates the power of blogging, and how it can impact an individual’s life or business.  I won’t give away the plot, but the main character played by Amy Adams follows her cooking passion and writes about her struggles and successes.  Her creativity, writing ability, emotion and content slowly began to resonate and attract a following, media attention and much more.”

Following are some reasons that you should blog:
  1. SEO - the more you post blog articles with relevant keywords, the better search engine results your page will get.
  2. Social Media Marketing - by posting blog posts to your website and linking them to social media pages, you will build excitement and more traffic to both your website and blog.
  3. Generating Leads and Sales - a blog is an open platform that gives everyone on the web access to learn more about the products and services that your company or organization offers.
  4. Lowering Costs - instead of buying expensive advertising space, you can utilize your blog to describe your products and services.
  5. Receiving Feedback - blogs are an open dialogue, your followers can leave comments in response to your blog posts.

You should not start a blog if:
  1. You will not be consistent about posting to your blog.
  2. You do not have someone in your company that will be dedicated and take ownership of the blog.

Consistency and timeliness are the two necessities you must have if you plan to start a blog. So go on, start creating a narrative for your brand. Remember to use the editorial calendar that I included in a previous post to schedule timely, informational, interesting and fun blog posts. If your company has a blog, I’d love to read it, so please email me a link to it: melissa@bigredprinting.net. Check out our blog at: http://bigredprintingspotlight.blogspot.com/

Source: www.impactbnd.com, “Top 10 Reasons Every Small Business Should Be Blogging.”


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    1. Thanks Jacob. I am glad that you are enjoying our blog! We'll keep them coming.

  2. Hi,
    I recently started a blog about ten days ago and haven't used any images in any of my articles. I feel my articles are helpful but might look a little better if I added some images.

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    1. Hi Conry, They always say....a picture is worth a thousand words! So yes, I think it would be great if you would incorporate pictures in your blog posts!

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